Statistical methods such as regression analysis are common. Practitioners use such methods to estimate the size, economic significance, and statistical significance ("signal strength") of the hypothesized relation and to adjust for noise from other variables. By such means, a hypothesis may gain acceptance, although in a probabilistic, rather than … Read More

In governing the practice of veterinary medicine, the College is dedicated to protecting the public interest. One of the College's many responsibilities is to oversee the professional conduct of Ontario veterinarians. Through its complaints committee, the Collegeinvestigates complaintsabout veterinarians related to the practice of veterinary medici… Read More

This roof refurbishment service we offer can totally transform any roof, providing lasting appearance and longevity of your roof. The composition of the sealing products allow the roof tiles to breathe, preventing damp areas and the water resistant membrane that is created inhibits the spread of moss, lichen and algae. Natural colours are instantly… Read More

However, moss and algae also strip the protective layers of your roof which leaves your entire home vulnerable. Scott has worked for EZY-CLEAN in a variety of window cleaning roles across the county more recently for another franchisee as an employee. Scott has the experience and know how to bring a great service to his customer base and to really … Read More

“We use our patio even in the colder months so it was important to us that it always looks attractive and they do an excellent job at cleaning those hard-to-reach places and getting rid of that horrible moss.” – Bobby K. Based in Rochester, Kent, our experienced painters and cleaners provide industrial pressure washing for customers across Da… Read More