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Hypnotherapy Clinic set in peaceful surroundings in the lovely village of Danbury, near Chelmsford. Robert can help with weight loss by using his Hypnotic Gastric Band method.Using U.M.T. (Unconscious Mind Therapy) Robert is able to help you overcome depression, cure fears and phobias, help with anxiety issues, alleviate sleeping problems, such as insomnia, stop pain during labour, boost confidence, aid weight loss, assist with relationship issues, beat addictions, conquer eating disorders, to name just a few.
Regression and analysis are techniques used by some therapists to help people make sense of their past using new skills they have developed since the traumatic time - whether that was an abuse experience, bullying, frightening incidents or other problems.

My name is Graham Howes and I am an experienced ex-Harley Street and Dance East Hypnotherapist based in Ipswich Suffolk with additional Hypnotherapy practices in Colchester Essex and Hadleigh in Suffolk (Sunday Practice) using Mindful Hypnosis and NLP at competitive prices.
In a peer-review study published in the Mental Health Review Journal, research found that Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy is 71% effective for the treatment of anxiety and depression compared with other talking therapies (such as CBT) which are only 42% effective.
It does not work with things that you wouldn't ordinarily do. Because all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, clients get to control how they Life Coach Essex think and feel about things in a completely client-centered, practical way that brings real results in the shortest possible time.

I also work with people to successful use hypnotherapy to treat addictions. Since 2018 we have been working very closely with Dr. John Butler from Hypnotherapy Training International to help people overcome their struggles and achieve goals as well as teach them how to help others with the power of hypnosis.
Now could be the time to restore your confidence with Hypnotherapy and make a fresh start. I use the most advanced techniques in the field including techniques developed through my extensive work with people with anxiety. Quite often people come for hypnotherapy because they feel stuck” in their lives and don't know how to move forward because one part says one thing, and one part wants another.

Each therapy session is carefully tailored using these codes of ethics, by the hypnotherapist to meet your individual requirements and circumstances because we believe you are unique and deserve the best that we can offer. At various stages in our lives we may experience difficulties or problems, which may cause us feelings of great distress.
Anna took time to understand my condition and tailored our sessions accordingly. I now feel so proud of how I have completely changed my life. My name is Brad Mace and I am an Essex based Hypnotherapist and Hypnosis coach with almost 20 years experience. Hypnotherapy and EFT help with anxiety, addictions, weight loss, hypno gastric band, quit smoking, depression, emotional and sexual problems and much more.

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